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i got my hands on the new waterwashable resin from Eryone.
Let’s see how it performs 🙂

The smell of the waterwashable resin seems to be a bit worse than that of the regular resin. I always print with a window open, the printer being located right next to the window. The Elegoo Mars pro does also have a built in filter.
Even with that filter and the ventilation the whole room smelled of resin.
So i recommend wearing a mask and all your regular resin personal protection equipment! I use a Dräger X-plore® 3300 and 3M Googles as protection.

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The resin is a bit more fluid than the regular resin which makes it easier to filter after the print.
I used my default resin settings for a short test print.
Base 60 seconds exposure, regular layers 6 seconds.

My new Anycubic Wash & Cure came in handy for the cleanup process. Instead of IPA i used water (of course). The process is way more convenient. No need for a mask, no alcohol fumes. All the resin came off the print and the build plate very easily. The only problem is the question of what to do with the waste water after cleaning. Since i could not simply pour it down the drain (that would be illegal) i choose to go with evaporation. I simply poured it into a transparent bucket that i no longer use and left it in the sun. It was really hot outside the last few days so most of the water has evaporated by now. The resin leftovers in the water seem to have sunk to the bottom and hardened a bit.

I am quite satisfied with the results of my print. I chose the 2min curing time setting on the Wash&Cure and left the prints standing in a bit of sunlight afterwards.
The prints are clear and did not yellow, even though a few days have passed now.

The mini i printed is crystal clear and absolutely see through. With the regular resin i had some yellowing problems which did not come up with the waterwashable version.

Filtering the resin after use was way easier than what i would have expected. Where regular resin takes quite some time to go through the filter this waterwashable resin did it in a third of the time. Cool 🙂

I will definitely print some more and let you guys know how it goes.

The only downside i could find was the price. It seems to be 3-4 Euro more expensive than the regular resin. One might argue that i save money because i don’t need any IPA but 3-4 Euro buy me a few litres. So it is a bit more expensive than regular resin.

Still, i like the handling and the results and i would recommend the waterwashable clear resin over the regular version any time.

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