Hi Guys,

just a short post regarding which printers i own.
Currently there are three printers that i work with:

1. AM8

My AM8 is the oldest printer i own and is based on the original Anet A8 which is a Prusa i3 clone.
Within the first three days i upgraded the Anet A8 to the famous AM8 which can be found on thingiverse. Replacing the wobbly original A8 frame with extruded aluminum is certainly a good idea. Shortly after i changed the display to a Full Graphics Anet A6 model. As the stepper drivers on the original board cannot be changed i swapped the board for an MKS Gen L Mainboard and went for some DRV8825 which turned out to be a lot quieter.
The latest change was made yesterday. I switched the hotend to an e3d chimera+ aqua clone. I always wanted to watercool a hotend 😉
Looks a bit messy, need to cleanup the cabling.


2. Eryone Thinker S V2

The Eryone Thinker S V2 is the latest addition to my collection.
It comes preassembled and gave me a good first print 10 minutes after i opened the box.
I printed some face mask holders with TPU on it, several PLA parts and a bit PETG so far.
The printer offers good value for the money and is easy to operate. One highlight is the magnetic flex plate with a pei sheet on it. Makes adhesion and removing prints really easy.
I will write a review on it soon.

Eryone Thinker S 2.0

3. Elegoo Mars Pro

The Elegoo Mars Pro is my machine for anything that needs fine details. It is a resin based printer so protective gear like gloves, eye protection and a professional filter mask are necessary to operate it safely.
I use it to print decorative minis, minis for D&D, some terrain and other parts which can be used for tabletop

Elegoo Mars Pro

That is it for today 🙂

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